from by strumi



it feels stupid.
why do i even care?
it means too much to me
it won't do anything
i'm never gonna get out of this body
i am not strong
i am not pretty

//they say i'm your broken boy
i'm your sad girl.
the world's gonna hate me
will you protect me?//

falling to pieces
i'm tired of my name
i'm tired of my ways
i'm tired of this let down and confused stare.
"what do you mean you love a boy? you are confused you need to get more sleep!"
"this is all because you stopped attending! now look what you've become!"


and it's sadly ironic, if i was made the way i wanted then you'd be happy for me.
but since i was given this body, you will resent me.
how can something so small cause such a great rift?


(screaming until the end)


from ghost girl, released July 1, 2016



all rights reserved


strumi Pennsylvania

my name is annie and these songs are about my life.

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