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fucked up kids looking for some answers, looking for some hope, looking for a home.
fucked up kids trying to find some peace trying to find some sleep, trying to find some love.
fucked up kids selling their bodies, selling their souls, slitting their wrists
fucked up kids sleeping in the dirt, sleeping in the gutter, thrown out of their homes
fucked up kids burning everything, go to all the parties, still never feel happy
fucked up kids losing all their dreams, losing all their joy, losing their names.

fall onto the ground i don't wanna take this i don't wanna be here anymore
break all my bones in the way you broke my spirit
sleep in my skin tell me this is right and normal
then send me away in the dark in my arms in the dark

tear out my lungs throw them on the ground i don't care anymore
tie me down and cut my wrists watch me squirm as i bleed
abuse me and break me make me feel like i am nothing
just like i've always been.

god hates us all we're all broken hopeless from the start. set up on live meant to be miserable oh miserable.
one last word one last thought i hope to slip into the stream and wash away.
let my body disappear.
feel nothing.
feel free.


from ghost girl, released July 1, 2016



all rights reserved


strumi Pennsylvania

my name is annie and these songs are about my life.

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