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i'm breaking my bones i'm breaking my will
if my life spirals out of control enough maybe it will come back around
a boy but a girl but a boy but a girl but a boy but a girl
but what the fuck am i?
my body isn't anything, i hate it i don't mind it

you heard it on the news today,
the gays are gonna have their way
"they're taking over the whole goddamn country"
it's just like they always say
irony is a bastard son
everything's gonna come undone.

my hands are shaking, i'll never understand
let me wear a pretty dress, let me be whatever i want
why do i have to be like you, won't you love me anyway?

and you say that i'm the normal one but i am the second one
xx me out
xy do i have to be alive?

and you break my will
will you end my life?

i will never feel normal
i will never be complete
i will never be cute or pretty
i am trapped inside this body
there is nothing i'm empty inside.


from ghost girl, released July 1, 2016



all rights reserved


strumi Pennsylvania

my name is annie and these songs are about my life.

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